3 Easy Steps To Your Own Web Site – Explained.

So you wish to construct that website – for whatever cause, perhaps you’ve started

a business or just wish to share photos of the brand new addition to your family. Let

me let you know it’s simpler than you think – all you need is instructions that you could

comply with and you’ll quickly be online.

Let’s speak what it is going to cost upfront. For $10 – $20/month you can have a working

web site (Think about: www.yourname.com), obtainable to anybody in the world with

internet access. That’s a trip to your favourite quick food joint. (Yes, you’ll be able to

afford it!) There are also some ways of getting a free web site – nonetheless residing at

www.yourname.com, but lets study all these weird internet phrases first.

There are three fundamental parts required to building a personal, custom website.

You want:

– A site identify

– A hosting account and

– Content written in HTML or another web language.

I do know, what’s a site title!!!?

Here is an analogy I educate:

You reside in a home that is built on a sure piece of land (that you simply rent or purchase).

That piece of land has a specific address.

Your web site (a group of individual internet pages) sits on a internet hosting account

that you simply rent. That hosting account is discovered at a selected tackle – referred to as a

domain name.

Your House Your Website

Your Avenue Tackle: e.g. 1 John St, Anytown

Your area name: e.g. www.yourname.com

Your plot of land Your internet hosting account

Your physical house Your net content

Right here is the 3 step process:

STEP 1: Select your tackle

STEP 2: Rent some area on a computer linked to the internet

STEP 3: Build the house you need and place it on the space you purchased in step


Let’s explain each step:

STEP 1: Select your deal with (a website identify)

With the web you’ll be able to choose what you need your tackle to be (your

domain name). What are you selling? What would make a cool name?

Understand that after over 10 years of public web access – lots of good

names have been taken. So get inventive, and be unique however understandable.

A simple place to start out with is your full title for a household/private web site or your

product identify for a enterprise site. Make a list of about 10 prospects that you simply

like in this format www.yourdesiredname.com Transfer to the following step.

STEP 2: Lease some area on a computer linked to the internet (A hosting


With a fast search for the words “Web Internet hosting” on the web, you get a listing

of web hosting firms – all desirous to sell or lease you some space on their

computer. GoDaddy.com and 1and1.com are some beneficial corporations –

be happy to look into others, but there are hundreds upon 1000’s – so don’t

waste your time searching for the cheapest (you pay for what you get, however $10+

will get you a good hosting account.

Most of the hosting corporations will either provide you with or promote you your choice of

area name on the similar time you begin your hosting account. Bring out your listing

from STEP 1, and when instructed within the purchase process, enter in your first

domain name choice. You will be knowledgeable if that name is available or not. Maintain

making an attempt out your names in order of your desire till you discover on that is

available. End the acquisition course of and let the internet hosting firm instruct you

on easy methods to access you account. (They’ll send you an electronic mail – and in the event you go along with

one of many firms I recommended, you possibly can call them together with your questions.)

STEP three: Construct the home you need and place it on the area you got in step


You’ve some choices to make here:

A – You can ask somebody to build you a site.

B – You can construct it yourself.

C – Use a free website builder – (like a weblog)

Each has its execs and cons.

The first choice is great for those who can afford it and can discover somebody reliable. If you

need low-cost, post a job at your native highschool – somebody in laptop club will

have the opportunity to help you for actually cheap. The issue is that they could not all the time be

round if you need them to make changes. Enter choice B

It’s nice to be taught a new skill, and you can be taught without spending a dime on-line – just make investments a little bit

time. Keep in mind as soon as you know the way… you own that information ceaselessly and also you

won’t ever rely upon someone else to construct your site. Again search online for

“methods to build a website” They will let you know find out how to design, build and add your

website onto your hosting account form STEP 2.

In case you don’t actually require a customized design and all you need to do is place

some text and maybe some footage online. I suggest starting what’s referred to as a

weblog – these are often free, and have a really simple “HTML CODE FREE” method of

including your content. All you do is kind and publish. You can usually nonetheless have your

own domain identify right here, but each blogging firm is different. Again search

online for running a blog – and read what the varied companies offer.



There may be one thing that is actually necessary and that ONLY you are able to do! That’s

give you the content material and the idea. Think about what it’s a must to supply and

what downside it solves for your visitors and put together your content in order to reply

that problem. E.g. You write nice jokes. People are on the lookout for jokes… your

website ought to give folks some jokes and maybe they can register for your

every day joke email.

Write simply, write brief, write clearly. As time goes on, remember to keep your

web site fresh. Preserve the content material up to date and related to your splendid visitors.

The purpose of this text was to provide you easy steps of methods to get a web site for

yourself. Naturally you’ll be able to learn more about each step, and there are a lot of

individuals who may give you assist, but now you can start the journey. Create your

listing of domains, purchase a internet hosting account (including the domain identify

you want) and build your site and maintain the content material fresh.

In future articles I’ll take about subsequent steps:

– “I construct it, but they ain’t coming to see it.”

– “I constructed it, but no person’s buying”

– “I constructed it, however I don’t know easy methods to improve it.”

A journey of a million miles starts with one step – so go to step 1 and start. (Don’t

worry – this is not an extended journey – but it surely’s exciting!).

Here to Assist You!

Thanks for reading,

Your Wealthy Cousin

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