4 Extreme Powerful Ways To Increase Your Internet Business Income

If you are running an online business, you must read this article, I will show you 4 extreme powerful ways to double or even triple your existing income from your Internet business!

Please read it carefully, the tips below will not only let you earn extra money, it will sky rocket your residual income, the key is to take action as you learn it, no one will benefit if they don’t take any action…

Extreme Powerful Way #1 – Build a List.
Everyone is saying “money is in the list” and they are right! You got to build a list even you are doing PPC campaign, because you can build a strong relationship with your visitors and eventually get them to buy from you, because they trusted you more!

Extreme Powerful Way #2 – Setup a Blog.
By adding a blog to you website, you will have an opportunity to build relation with your readers, if you do not want to go through the trouble of creating content, you can use RSS feeds to automatically post content for you. However, you need to build some back links to some or all of your blog post to rank in the search engine and get visitors to your blog

Extreme Powerful Way #3 – Optimize Your Keywords and Use Silo Structure.
You can easily increase your ranking with Good on page optimization, write at least 700 words ~ 1200 words of content on your main page, use the main keywords on your page title, first paragraph, middle paragraph and last paragraph. Create theme related category to contain your other webpages, you can easily increase your website ranking with a Good silo structured on page optimization.

Extreme Powerful Way #4 – Offer Viral E-Books / Courses.
You need to create 2 sets of e-books and you will give the first one to your subscriber, and use AIDA formula to make them want your second e-book, before you offer the second e-book to your subscriber, get them to at least recommend the first book to a friend Using tell-a-friend script.You must provide great content and give re-print rights to the first e-book, make the e-book spread for you!

I personally use this 4 powerful method to drive insane traffic and sales, they work extremely well if you do it right. I suggest you take action now, implement as many methods as you can, practice more if you fail to gain result from them, eventually you will be able to make a lot of money working from home, grow your business and quit your day job!