Get Rich Overnight

No, I do not think that is possible for 99.9% of us, except if you buy a winning lottery ticket.

The best way to make money via the Internet is step by step. None of this “Make $21,763 by Friday following these simple steps” junk. You know the old saying … if it sounds too good to be true …

Dennis Becker’s method is to set small daily goals, specifically $5 a day. You complete a $5 a day project, and then start another. Then another, and another, and so on.

$5 a day??? That’s less than $2K a year!

True, but the methods that Dennis teaches make that first $5 self-perpetuating (or close to it) so that the second $5 project adds rather than replaces. Create just one new $5 a day project per month and at the end of the first year you will be earning $60 per day, or about $22K a year. Part time on the side. Get better and create 1 new project a week, and after a year you will be making $260 per day, or almost $100K a year.

I am personally working through this book, and participating in one of Dennis’ great members-only forums, and it is refreshing to see my progress in small steps. The large steps other courses seem to advocate just led to frustration.

Enough of my chatter, visit the 5 Bucks a Day page to get more details from Dennis.