Google + and Your Social Media Campaign

Using Google+ as Part of Your Social Media Campaign

Social media networking is an important tool in today’s social economic development. In so doing, you need to select the best social media channel to use.

Google + is a combination of several services that enables you achieve your social break through. Google+ has an interactive and user-friendly interface that allows you to group people in various circles. These circles are classified in different clusters based on areas such as work, family, friends, etc.

Separate Business from Pleasure – When You Want!

Google+ enables you to create a way in which you can freely interact with people on their own personal levels. The ability of being able to separate for example business from pleasure gives one the power of sorting out the kind of information to give to a particular group of individuals. This makes it a stronger media campaign tool over the other regular social networks.

Most social networks are just highways of information that allow everybody to see your posts, photos, videos etc. with Google+ you create circles that you place individuals into. This gives you the ability to have a personalized interaction with individuals and have the ability of being able to choose how you want to relate to an individual. If you no longer want to share some particular information with a particular individual, you can either move him or her into a different circle, or you can just move the person back to the people’s plane.

Sparks – Ignite Your Interests

Sparks allows you to search for particular information automatically based on your interests. It lays down the burden of having to search through bulks and bulks of information thus saving you the time.

Video Chatting

Hangouts is another Google+ feature that will enhance your social media campaign in that you can have that video chat room that brings you closest to meeting the person personally. Google+ builds a capacity for people to interact both socially and economically.

Expanding Your Network

This social network is better placed for that function in that it has separate circles where you can place individuals. You can relate to people in a friendly way and yet relate to the same people differently in another circle thus creating divisions between what is for leisure and what is meant for business. The ability to send posts, videos and photos creates a good launching pad for people wanting to showcase particular products. This can work like free advertising to users of this social network.

The circles allow you to avoid sending unnecessary posts, photos or articles to non interested parties. Google+ can also be useful to different people willing to share their skills and talents. Through groups, a Google + user can meet people with similar talents where they can share experiences, information and find solutions to problems affecting them. The users in a group can be able to plan, meet and work together towards a common good. People can also inform one another in case of a job or other opportunities adding benefits to the users. All this courtesy of Google+, that enabled them to meet and interact.