Google vs Yellow Pages- Who Gets the Cake?

Google vs Yellow Pages

Most people know what the Yellow Pages are. It has been around for years and is still a valuable aid that people can use to locate items or services that provide the answers to numerous daily needs. It is worth asking though whether the Yellow Pages is still the best product search tool. Competing online services like Google and other search engines are starting to show signs of taking the lead. In a Google vs Yellow Pages scenario, whose side will you take?

Presently, there are no well known research studies that provide comparative figures related to the use of search engines and printed materials. A quick survey done by Melbourne SEO Service however has shown that there may be real changes to the way people look for products and service. The survey presented in one of the best viral marketing video campaigns is almost surprising.

Survey results show that 53.85% of people asked do not use the Yellow Pages and that 92.86% turn to Google when they want to find products or services. All the respondents use the popular search engine every single day. What this means for the Yellow Pages and other forms of similar print media is obvious. Their days are numbered. A time will come when people will flock almost exclusively to online consumer resources and tools.

Business owners should be quick to identify what survey results imply. Anyone who owns a business, even if it is a physical offline one, now needs to pay attention to search engines. Google now places entrepreneurs in the unique position to have their products and services found almost instantly online.

The survey took a deeper angle at the Google vs Yellow Pages bout. Respondents were also asked if they knew what SEO is and what it is for. Even at this day and age when the internet is everywhere, only 7.14% of the people interviewed had an inkling of what SEO is. This ultimately means that people don’t really care how the cogs mesh and turn. All they care about is results and they rely on Google to tell them which results are relevant to their needs.

Aside from asking about SEO knowledge, respondents were also asked which sites they clicked on after searching. A good 46.15% said they clicked on the first few sites on results pages. All the respondents never went beyond the first page of results. The additional implication of this finding on businesses is very significant. If you want to be found and to generate better sales, you need to make sure that you get to the top of Google results, or at very least, the first page.

The bottom line is simple enough. Business owners now need to pour some effort into building strong SEO campaigns. Even the lack of interest for SEO is no excuse because there are people and companies that now specialize in SEO that can generate explosive profits.

The winner between the Google vs Yellow Pages battle hasn’t been formally declared. This is especially since the Yellow Pages seems to be intent on getting back on track. It might be around for many more years. It seems obvious to everyone though that businesses should put search engines to good use.