How can you get affordable online success

Many online business ideas require some level of financial investment to get them started. If you have plenty of money you can manage a project and outsource all the work but otherwise you will need to roll your sleeves up and do it yourself.

There are however good and affordable online success methods that can be started up on a shoe string budget. Let set an initial set up cost for this enterprise at $100. how would you apportion your grand budget of $100?

Look at your own interests and hobbies and pick a topic you know a lot about and can write easily on. The internet is full of top quality software and information that we can use to keep our spending as low as possible. I used wordtracker free version to start with but now have the full program. You must look into what people are looking for. What answers to their problems do they have.

You have to source a good and relevant item to sell from your webpage. The cheapest thing to do is make up your own product and the easiest to do is an ebook. I always send my ebooks out as pdf's. You can convert a word document to a pdf using one of the many free pdf converters available.

Having written or sourced your product you now need to work on a sales page that will convert website visitors into customers. Just use the free website toolt and hosting offered at blogger. The sites are easy to mange and you can set it up in minutes,

To take payments you can use a buy now button from paypal. the buy now buttons are quick and quite simple to arrange and paypal will not charge you for this. When you start making sales they take a percentage off the sale price. You now have your own internet business

So you have managed to find your niche. Your own made product is ready to go. The sales page is set up on blogger and you have a way of receiving your payments. The only problem is that you still haven’t spent your budget of $100. Now what can I spend irt on? Would you agree that I have demonstrated affordable online success.