How to get both visitors and links from minutes of work

I’m really excited because I have just joined the AMATT service that the guys
at PLRPro have just launched to help you get first page Google rankings
and distribute your articles to high quality sites.

This is the most amazing breakthrough’s they have made in
letting you get more time free by automate your marketing efforts.

Quite frankly this is big…. Really BIG – I know from experience

Its called Article Marketing Automation and you can visit them at
Automatic article promotion.

It even lets you market your YouTube videos as well as standard sites.

If you haven’t been away for a long time, you will know how
Powerful YouTube video can be.

AND if you have been watching the SEO scene you would have also seen
how YouTube videos are getting first page rankings for EXTREMELY
competitive terms surprisingly easy.

See Google wants to include film media in its search results, it
also shows that YouTube videos are not competing on the same level
as the rest of the Google index.

It is MUCH easier to get a first page ranking for your own YouTube video then it is for the main keyword.

So they have that entirely covered all within this new system.

When submitting an article in Automatic article promotionT, include a YouTube URL (your YouTube video that you created, or another one if you just
want your post to look better).

Then you input some extra YouTube anchor text keywords (the terms you want your YouTube video to be in Google for)

And that’s it.

Now Automatic article promotionT, when it submits your article, will also include your video as well as link back to YOUR YouTube video, with varying link text,
Helping you get better video rankings.

COME ON this AMAT innovation is huge.

Nobody is doing this right now, and certainly not as easy as this.

What a powerful feature for just one part of what the system really does.

Help you distribute your high quality articles to real sites giving you an instant and time growing marketing advantage with your website.

AMATT have already produced first page rankings for normal (not video) competitive keywords with over 400,000 competition.

What would it mean in visitors to you if you could do this exact same promotion to your very own web sites?

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