How to Make Unlimited Money by Discovering Profitable Niche Markets

Finding the right niche can make or break your online business. A lot of the time, those trying to get into online marketing often get stuck on this step, because they simply have no idea which niches are worth going into. After all, no one wants to spend months building a website that ends up with very little traffic simply because there is very little demand for the subject in question.

So, how does one go about finding hot niche markets? Some Internet marketers suggest choosing a niche that you are either enthusiastic about or are familiar with. While this may happen in the end, the more practical way is to learn what people are actually looking for and base your Internet business around that. Determining the demand for a particular market is the very first phase.

One way to do this is to leverage some free tools, such as the free Wordtracker keyword tool ( Type in a search term and Wordtracker will return the amount of daily searches for up to 100 related terms. You want to choose a phrase that has a good number of daily searches – any number ten or greater is worth considering. You may notice that the fewer number of words in a particular search term, the more searches it generally gets. As you can probably guess, search terms that contain more words get less traffic, but are generally easier to rank for.

Next, go to Google ( and type one of the search terms in quotes. In the upper right hand part of the search results screen, you’ll see the number of pages indexed by Google that are exact matches for your search phrase. In general, when you are just starting out, try to target terms that have 20,000 or fewer competing pages when using exact match. Anything higher than this will require some heavy duty SEO to rank well.

Once you find that a particular subject that has decent search volume and relatively low competition, it’s time to go over to the Google Adwords Tool ( to see if there is any money in the market. Type in your search phrase and see if there are many advertisers bidding for your search phrase. If there are a bunch of advertisers, it probably means that there is indeed money to be made in your niche. If there are no advertisers, the search term you’ve picked may not be commercial in nature, and thus may be hard to monetize.

You’ve now found a niche that has great search volume, minimal competition, and good monetization potential. Once you learn how to find profitable niches like these, you will be well on your way to earning some great cash online with niche marketing.

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