Increase profits with Cash Presell Method

Have you come across sales copy that was so easy to read, so credible, that you wanted to buy its product/service, even though you didn’t need it?  If you’re an affiliate marketer, you may already realise that getting the right keywords and great bid prices, choosing a product and doing market research are not enough to double your profits. Affiliate marketing expert Mark Acutt reveals that there is a method for generating more cash profits using your presell page.

The presell landing page is crucial as it is where your potential buyer decides whether or not to take action on the offer you are making. While it is possible for anyone to write the contents of a landing page, a special skill is involved when crafting a convincing presell. If you don’t want to leave your presell to chance, you can hire a copywriter or you can follow Mark Acutt’s Cash Presell Method.  

The Cash Presell Method is the outcome of months spent studying, testing and refining a system of writing a good presell page.By combining research and experience, Mark Acutt has come up with a kick-ass step by step procedure for creating a top presell. He can relate to the ways that newcomers struggle, and he freely shares his techniques. 

What your presell page should have

The Cash Presell Method identifies the basic elements of an effective presell page as:

–          the headline
–          hook/introduction (or both)
–          paragraphs with 3-4 lines each
–          bullet points
–          final  statement of what the buyer must do next and why
–          affiliate link to the product page

In addition to the  basic elements he mentions in the Cash Presell Method, you will also find lots of information about preselling, detailed instructions for making your presell page and  flow charts of the exact procedures, as well as access to a live case study. Users have given the thumbs up to the Cash Presell Method – the system’s own presell page being good enough for them to purchase it at the outset.  It is reasonably priced and is proven to be effective.

The Cash Presell Method is the fastest way to learn how to write your own presell page as Mark Acutt simplified the system for you.Its versatility makes it suitable for blog and website owners, entrepreneurs, established affiliate marketers, and others who would like to increase profits by tweaking the presell pages they already have.