Inexpensive Domain Name Registration

As the domain name industry is growing rapidly, domain names have now become more of a commodity. This is the main reason for the increased number of companies like blue host or ix web hosting that cater to the trends on the Internet. With an increasing number of people trying to acquire their own domain name, this has lead to domain name registration. There are two main uses of domain name, the first being setting up a web site and email account for a user website and the other to set up a custom email address without a website. The latter option is fast becoming popular.

Domain name registration is very important, so users must choose the right company when entrusting one with such a task. A company that has been in the business for a longer period of time is always preferable. When registering your domain, ensure that you control every aspect of the domain name. This is because a few domain name registration companies do not allow changes to be made directly. The requests have to be sent through the company’s support system and are dealt with after a few days. They might also have a release fee for this service, which is completely unnecessary. The domain name is yours and so it is not fair to be held at ransom for such a service.

Another aspect of cheap domain registration that should be checked is the email facility. Majority of the companies that provide the domain name registration service exclude the email facility. They basically provide email forwarding that is relatively available easily. So to be on the safer side, select a domain name registration company, which is ICANN accredited. This means that the company goes through ICANN accreditation checks; an intense and detailed process, which is expensive too. Also when it comes to sending email, most of the web hosting companies and domain name registration providers do not provide their SMTP servers to send emails. They take for granted that the users can send email using their Internet service provider’s SMTP servers. This can create a problem since ISP’s allow use of their SMTP servers on their branded email accounts only.

So be careful when choosing a low cost domain registration. There are many unsatisfied clients of web host providers because of their unreasonable restrictions, deprived services and unreliable uptime and email concerns. These are just a few of the common problems that they face when signing up with unreliable domain name registration companies. There are web host providers that provide free domains on sign up, making it convenient for domain registration.