Know the hidden facts of pay per click formula

Affiliate Classroom 2

If you want to have success using pay per click to market your online goods and services, you’ve got to devise an effective pay per click formula.Not every online marketer approaches pay per click in the same way, and each probably has developed their own unique method in order to make pay per click (or “PPC”) work for them.Regardless of your approach, there are several important secrets to pay per click marketing that you should bear in mind when you decide to follow someone else’s plan or to develop your own pay per click formula.The single most important benchmark to achieve is to convert your strategy to increase the sales of your goods.Yes, it is essential to have maximum number of clicks on your PPC ad, but if these ads do not get converted to sales, it is not of much use.That’s why it is critical to test your PPC ads, and full tracking and testing need to be the very foundation of any successful pay per click formula.

How can you scrutinize your sales? Several methods are explained in the Affiliate Classroom online university. One effective method is to create many pay per click advertisements, not only for a single promotion which you make online but for every online campaign.A good mix might include three or four different ads, all for the same marketing effort.Make use of same keywords for those 3-4 advertisements, after this have a link to every advertisement which leads the audience to various pages of your website.Make sure that each page to which the URL leads has same information.This will be helping you to decide which of the ad is working for your sales at the time of preparing pay per click formula for yourself.

Web tracking logos help you to track how much sales have been generated by each ad that you have made if you have an approximate total of 500 clicks in all.Make an assumption that from all ads you get 500 clicks, but you made three sales from “AD#1”, two sales from “AD#2”, seven sales from “AD#3” and one sales from “AD#4”.A simple math would tell you that the conversion percentage for each of the ads was 0.6%, 0.4%, 1.4% and 0.2 % respectively.Clearly we can see that “Ad #4” out-performed all of your other ads combined.Hence, at the time of consideration do not pay attention to others and just emphasize on the good working ads like “AD#4”. With Affiliate Classroom, you can design your own Pay Per Click Formula which helps to generate maximum returns on investment.

Do not pay attention to the others.The keyword research, the cost behind each click and the money made by pay per click traffic are the other factors which you need to consider in making your PPC formula successful.Before ending up to some conclusions for your PPC campaign it is very important you wait back and test your conversion rates.Soon you will understand this secrete of PPC formula that would help you to differentiate between the failure and success.