Latest Nanacast Review – Is It Any Good?

If you are looking for an easy to use shopping cart that also gives you the power of an affiliate system, you are going to love Nanacast.

There are a number of unique features that make the company stand head and shoulders above everyone else. However most important it is a solution that can booste your sales dramatically through their powerful affiliate system.

Easy To Use Set Up Wizards

I hate systems that are hard to use. The shopping cart is easy to set up and you are guided by ‘Wizards’ that help you move your products in to the system. The main payment system is PayPal which is good as it is the most recognised and trusted by most consumers.

Your Secret Weapon

One of the biggest differences with this shopping cart is that it gives you the option to have an affiliate system. Let me quickly explain why affiliate systems are so powerful for your business. If you already have an affiliate system the system also tracks the IP’s of affiliates to help stop fraud from people buying through their own links.

Why Would You Want An Affiliate System?

Basically, how would you like to have 1000 people sell your products or service on a commission only basis? Its very simple to set up. They just sign up for an account, you give them a special link and then they go to work for you.

Email Integration

Nanacast also integrate with most of the email companies to make sure everything runs smoothly and make sure there is no difficult email list troubles. So now that you know a little bit about how it can benefit your business, can you get a free trial?

7 Day Free Trial

If you are interested in trying out this full business solution you can try out their 7 day free trial…CLICK TO CONTINUE

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