Membership Sites

Membership sites are all the rage right now. Their main benefit is that the income is recurring, as they usually have a monthly fee.

This post is not about setting one up. Rather, it is about one of the best membership sites that you can belong to.

Dennis Becker’s Earn 1 K a Day.

It is the one that I have belonged to the longest. The forum is awesome, and Dennis provides some valuable free downloads as well.

One of the best downloads is his book “5 Bucks a Day”.

Does not sound like much, does it? $5. That comes to $150 a month on average. Still nothing awesome. However, set up multiple $5 projects, and the money becomes noticeable. What if you set up just one a month. At the end of one year you would be making $1,800 a month part time. That is noticeable.

Here is my recommendation. Watch this free webinar that Dennis created to explain it all. Yes, FREE. It is almost 2 hours and well worth the time.

Then get out there and create some $5 projects.