phpBay Pro and You

eBay is well known as a great website known for a great affiliate program useful to assist make money your blogs. Due to Google’s current practice for de-indexing BANS sites, you’re more successful with a normal site that adds eBay listings to your website, but isn’t the only reason for the being of your blog. Some BANS problems are the unbeleivable quantitiy of thin affiliate sites built around it, the templating concerns, and content issues, that cause it being more complex working with than other systems. Wade Wells’ phpBay Pro eliminates this problem by easily adding eBay listings into your existing pages.It’s well worth it.

Getting it installed is no big deal at all, as it installs like any other plugin. After this, you simply activate the plugin and set up your necessary settings. Don’t forget to input youreBay PID.Don’t lose money on this!

At this point you in a nutshell put a trivial bit of code in every posts, and voila you have eBay feeds in your entries. Code inside the tags yields you the the item you are looking for, the number of results displayed, number of the eBay category, and any negative terms you have to filter your search.Don’t forget this part.

eBay search returns ordinarily return a high number of listings. Ordinarily this will not return you the specific item you want, because of the high amount of items listed on eBay. This is where phpBayPro’s negative search term function is useful to filter out the unnecessary results.

phpBay Pro includes the cloaked links function, in order that the Goog will not assume you are a thin affiliate website. A lot of BANS web sites have been de-indexed because of this, so definitely post some engaging additional content up as well in order to be viewed as a full fledged site instead.