Search Engine Marketing Ethical Decisions

Companies which actively spam search engines seeking higher rankings are less than ethical; still many SEO forums and newsletters demonstrate there is more than a few such companies. or that it’s important to hire only “ethical SEO consultants” or “ethical search engine marketers”. In all circumstance, it’s best to keep sight on which SEO companies provide a legitimate service, and which strive for quick profits by using shady techniques. Its true in every industry, not just SEM. If the people in our industry can remember this when trying to create a SEO Company UK (and there are many factions trying to do this), it will go a lot smoother.

It’s not unusual that a prospective customer will approach you with a kind of “we know what’s best for us” attitude, as enacted by their SEO (mis)information. What if such kind of customer will approach you requesting a proposal for 10 doorway pages. Since they suppose getting a network of pages linking their site from the “fringes”, they also insist you leave the site itself untouched.

You know… the type of pages that will get retrieved by the search engines only, from a sitemap linked down low on the main home page. When visitors find one of the doorway domains via search engines, they end up making unnecessary clicks before they finally arrive in their desired destination. If something like this happened to you, how would you handle the customer: let him know such kind of strategy isn’t a good option, or just passively provide the requested service? Once you think about it, creating those pages in such circumstance wouldn’t necessarily be regarded as immoral. What if the actual website the customer is trying to promote actually featured tons of pages with great content? It would be much wiser to simply revise and adjust the already existing content to match the right keywords, that to create a pointless roster of doorway domains.

Myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage the customer to check after a less scrupulous SEO consultant that wouldn’t mind helping implement techniques which definitely wouldn’t bring a positive result. It may sound harsh to reject a client that would provide decent money for an easy job. After all, you could actually generate those pages automatically using software…it IS what the client wants, right? You probably can think of several ways you could have justified yourself, if you’d have conceded. If you expect to be regarded as professional SEO, you should always keep your eyes set on doing effective optimization. If upholding your integrity as SEO consultant means losing such clients, it’s actually a small price to pay.

There will be other jobs and there will be other clients that appreciate your looking out for their site’s long-term well-being. Think about it! It may seem you’d be losing a customer, but you’d actually be strengthening your position as an SEO professional. You can bank on this fact!