Some Methods for Creating Successfully Converting Squeeze Pages

A widely regarded, highly effective method of putting together a mailing list of targeted, potential online customers is to first create a squeeze page, which will help you to attract a relevant audience. Once you start building this list of targeted email addresses, you will be able to contact these subscribers in the future. In order to ensure that you’re sending emails that are both targeted and desirable, you’ll need to establish a relationship with those audience members that you’re marketing to. If you build your relationship properly, your subscribers will view you as an authority in your field. Long term benefits including an increase in your business overall can result from an email marketing campaign which has been carefully constructed. Before this will happen, you have to use your squeeze page to begin assembling a list of addresses. Keep some things in mind if you hope to achieve the highest conversions from this very useful page. Continue reading to discover some tips, hints and guidelines that will help you to create a successful squeeze page.

A vague call to action within the content of your squeeze page won’t be effective; the more pointed and direct, the better.

All the visitors that come to your site are not equal, which is why you have to look at them differently. You will have to show and instruct them what they need to do to get on your list. Your goal is to lead them to want to enter their contact information. Whether the potential subscriber is a novice user or an expert on the Internet, the process for opting in to your list should be unmistakably obvious. Rather than focus all your attention on the opt-in box near the bottom of your page, it’s vital to include your action statement throughout the content of the page. Everyone wants to learn how to make a living online. You can find out all the steps at this 9 to 5 Annihilation site.

If you tell them upfront what benefits or gifts they will receive, they will be more willing to give you their contact information. Also, test various positions of your opt-in box on the page and see how it affects your results and if it’s making them take better action.

Like we all know, there is nothing called as “free lunch”. If you expect the visitors to give away their contact information, you will have to give something back in return. Not just anything either, but something they will value. You will want to enhance your proposition by including a gift like free videos, reports, e-courses, etc. by giving the visitor something worthwhile to look forward to, you’ll have much more success securing that email address. Have a look at this 9 to 5 Annihilation page to see what is the latest in affiliate marketing.

Don’t offer products or information as a free incentive if they will be perceived as junk by the visitor. The incentive you offer must be both useful and valuable. Keep relevancy in mind as well, as the bribe you’re offering should be compelling audience members of your niche market. If your visitors are interested in email marketing techniques, they will obviously nonplussed with a freebie that covers web-based programming.

Most people regard their personal information, namely an email address, to be a valuable commodity – so they will expect something of value rather than offering it to you blindly. You have to live up to their expectations and make their decision worthwhile.

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