Squidoo and SEO

When using Squidoo as a means of leveraging your internet marketing, you will have to make sure that you are SEO optimising the pages properly.

You will have no control over the AdSense ads that are placed on your lens as these ads are controlled by Squidoo.  As they do not charge for their services, this is how they make their money.  Anyone can then click on one of the ads shown and leave your lens this way.

There are ways and means of controlling aspects of your Squidoo page, or lens as it is known.  You make the decision as to what keywords you are going to optimise your lens for.  This way you know you are proactively doing something to attract the search engines to the lens.  When utilising keywords, the best density you can go with is around three percent.

If you make sure your keywords are bolded two or three times throughout each post, then Google will view it as significant.  Making the words into italics is another way of placing emphasis on them.  Your chosen keyword should also be placed in bold once at the beginning of your lens content and once at the end.

Another way to ensure your lens is attracting Google for the right keywords is to use the keyword in the title and the URL.  Using hyphens and not underscores when the keywords in the url have to be broken up is the best method.  Also, it is a great idea to make sure you link all your lenses on the blog roll, which makes the task of Google finding the sites easier.

You have to really try and get many backlinks to your lens for it to rise in the rankings.  To get back links from other peoples lenses, you should leave significant posts on their lenses.  If you use the above tips, then it will not be long before your lens begins showing up on Google.

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