Successfully Select A Profitable Domain With These 5 Steps

Do you want to make money with domain names? If so, you need to find that ideal domain name. Typing a bunch of keys and then adding a .com to the end will not do. Whether you want to make a domain name into a profitable website, create a turnkey website to sell, flip the domain name, or monetize a parked domain, name is important. In fact, it is vital to make a profit.

So, how do you choose a profitable domain name? Continue reading on for five easy steps.

1 – Brainstorm with a Notebook and Pen

Take a notebook and pen and start writing down domain names. Yes, you can do this on the computer or check each domain name for availability as you go, but wait. It is easier to obtain ideas first. Start with one domain name, such as Then, immediately start thinking of variations. This is incase your preferred domain name isn’t available. In addition to later checking 123samples, try,, and so forth.

When trying to make a fast buck online, many new domain flippers are discouraged to see that a domain name isn’t available. Don’t let it ruin your train of thought. Brainstorm first.

2 – Make it Short

Whether you take the time to brainstorm good domain name ideas or if you begin checking right away, keep it short. Never buy a domain name that is more than 40 characters long. Do not make the mistake of thinking that internet users only find websites by search engines. Many type the URL directly into their address bar. A search engine may get a website with a domain name of, but internet users will rarely remember it or even try to.

3 – Make it Easy to Understand

Purchasing a domain name that isn’t too long is important, but so is sense. Never purchase a domain that doesn’t make at least a little bit of sense. For example, do you want to create a website where you can sell your homemade dog treats online? If so, the phrases, dogs, dog treats, pets, and so forth should be used in your domain name. Variations of a company name are okay for business owners, but make sure it makes since. Never opt for a domain name that confuses internet users more than informs them.

The only exception to this would be with domain flipping. Yes, it is best to choose domain names that are easy to read and that make sense. These will sell for the highest amount, but you never know. If you want to try a domain name that is difficult to read or understand as a test, do it but don’t pay more than $10 for it.

4 – Choose a Profitable Keyword

As previously stated, a domain name should inform site visitors. This is important when using a website to sell a product. Even when domain flipping, keywords are important. In staying with the above mentioned example of homemade dog treats, use a keyword tracker tool to see what people are searching for. For example, frozen dog treats, dog treat recipes, and homemade dog treats are popular search phrases. Work them into a .com domain name. This boosts value.

5 – Ensure Availability

The last step in choosing a profitable domain name is to verify availability. You can do this on a website that sells unregistered domain names or by entering the domain name in your address bar. Remember, if a domain name is unavailable, try similar variations before giving up.