What Should You Do to Keep Your Clients

Have you ever asked yourself what is the most important determinant of client contentment? The answer will be added value.
In a competitive market, where we have to fight for every customer, where we all try to earn some money, the best and the most valuable tactics you need to follow is differentiation. Try and become more than a lawyer – experienced and reliable adviser, more than a store – someone’s favorite dvd store, more than a SEO Company – trusted professional who will always be there for you.
Achieving such great characteristics is not easy, this is why you need to search for ways of adding value to our customers. People don’t like to be sold, they want their problem to be resolved. In other words, try to give before trying to get. You will find many loyal customers in this way. Let’s take a look at the most common value adds.
Show your clients you are thinking about them. Start to send them articles, your newsletters and other useful information, which they could possibly be interested in.
Educate your clients. Offer them to participate in interesting seminars or conferences on subjects related to their business. It will be highly appreciated.
Offer your key clients some advantages. Let them be first to see the items for sale, invite them for a meeting with a famous writer in your book store.
Report your clients the current account situation. Periodic reports may serve as your great performance record, or, otherwise, show you that something is wrong and needs improvement. Another certain advantage is finding how your client can save his money with your company.  For instance, redesigning a website for your client is the part of Search Engine Optimization and PPC service package.
Invite your client to participate. Many clients will look forward to participating. Communicate with your clients, chat with them live, be transparent, try to build trust between you, get them acquainted with what exactly is going to happen and how are you going to let it happen. Don’t hesitate to ask your clients for their opinion. Let them feel you value them. Remember, you are dealing with people not robots.
Help your clients with networking.
Recommend other noticeable services or products to your clients. Make it easier for them to ask you for a piece of advice, even if it is not directly connected to your business.
By building trust with your customers, by offering a value added services, you will receive the benefits of service and relationship, which will positively affect your all business processes and your business experience in general.