Comparing Article Marketing with Video Marketing

Article marketing and video marketing have been observed to be potent tools for increasing traffic to your website through the production of backlinks but one vital question that has appeared is which one is better.  Article marketing has already proven itself time and again to be a powerful tool for increasing site traffic while video marketing is a relatively newcomer.  However, videos have been observed to be a more effective way of rapidly getting your website on the top page of the search engine results.  This is due to the Google algorithm’s provision of a bigger weight to videos because it has been noticed that many people would rather watch a video than read an article. Continue reading

Is It Time For A Keyword Check-Up?

Every person who hopes to make money with Internet Marketing knows how important keywords are. If you don’t, you can forget about being successful. Keywords are what drives visitors to our sites and allow us to make extra money. Without keywords, there would be no rankings and it would be hard for visitors to find our pages, and our ads! Continue reading

A Review Of Article Marketing

Most people starting their internet venture will be looking for ways to promote their site for free and the best way to do this is with article marketing. The number of locations articles can be placed is enormous with each one containing a link back to a site of your choice. Many places accept articles without any charge but they should be sites with a good page rank. You’ll be seeing an increase in your website traffic should happen in a very short space of time. Top sites are also viewed by search engines as authority sites so it is to your benefit in many ways to have your content accepted, do not underestimate the power of trust in the online world. Continue reading

Bum Marketing In A Nutshell

Numerous internet businessmen and enterprising webmasters understand the importance of article marketing

Think of it this way: the moment a piece of writing is forwarded to an article index, it can chosen up by numerous online and offline publications.  And because such an article cannot be re-distribute without putting the additional resource box, you’d be able to divulge your URL to many persons. Continue reading