How To Improve Your Online Business Productivity In Less Than 15 Minutes

This article describes simple steps that anyone can follow to rapidly speed computers. Step 1 or Step 2 in this article can generally be implemented within 15 minutes for a PC or a Mac.


Step 1 –  Clean the computer registry

Slow computers often have errors in their registry. The main functions of a registry are about connecting hardware, software and computer files. In practice therefore, the computer registry acts as the computer’s nervous system. Over time the performance of any computer reduces as errors accumulate in the registry, which can also become corrupted. A straightforward step is to locate any errors in the registry then repair them. Users can in theory attempt a manual cleanup of the registry, however this is not recommended due to the high likelihood of further errors occuring. Registry repair software are usually fast and reliable and offer overall, a better alternative to correct errors, delete unused files, poor links and deal with ActiveX components. Click on fix computer registry for more information. Continue reading