POP3 Email Hosting and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

POP3 or post office protocol is a form of internet message access protocol that has been around for the longest.This form of hosting was designed with the intent of supporting offline or local email processing.

A remote client downloads all the messages that are delivered to an email server and then transfers them to the user’s PC in POP3 hosting.The message is then permanently deleted from the email server. Continue reading

Domain Name Choice Can Be Tricky But Profitable

You may be asking yourself “How do I start my own website?”.  Well, for starters:  Strategic planning and long term vision will serve you best in your choice of domain names.  Just as important as choosing the name for your business, a domain name, the name of your soon-to-be website, is one of the most important factors in your online success. Ultimately you are seeking to attract customers- the Holy Grail, and good marketing (which will help with Search Engine placement also) begins with your choice of domain name. Continue reading