Billions Of Local Queries At Stake In Google’s Groupon Offer

Groupon is a new, but respected community business giant. Google has made an offer for Groupon. The offer values the company at over $ 5 billion. This is a strategic move for Google. Small and medium businesses are expected to move away from search marketing, and this might help Google give them another option.

Community Groupon starting out

Started in Chicago, community enterprise marketer Groupon has been expanding exponentially within the last 2 years. You will find 2,500 individuals hired by the company around the globe. Yearly, it makes half a billion in revenue. Every single day, a discounted offer gets sent to e-mailed subscribers. That is the way the enterprise works. Usually, small and medium local companies use Groupon to bring customers in with their deals. Groupon obsessively tracks the buying habits and demographic data of its subscribers to offer them deals they’re more likely to purchase. Continue reading