Ten Top Tips On Viral Selling

When people are first getting started in trying to understand viral marketing they typically have a lot of questions as to what types of strategies and what methods actually work with viral marketing strategies.

Let’s take a quick little walk into the world of some of the most popular and top ways to use viral marketing selling to your advantage.

1. Firstly and no doubt most importantly, think beneficial…

The viral nature or aspect of the offer has to be very beneficial to the reciever. Whichever way you look at it, this is job one. This, as with most things, is easier said than done. Whether it’s beneficial emotionally, monetarily, a gift or otherwise, this is the foundation of any viral campaign to take off.

Mind you, if this part was so easy to pull off..we’d never get any sleep because of the bombardment of viral spread. So, when you look at it…it's actually hard, but, when you think about it, that's great.

2. In your email marketing or blogging, you could just about think backwards. Try and work looking at things in reverse from either your blog post or the subject line.

The thing is..If it isn't concise or easy to implement..and off the start, be sure to mention the benefits…it probably won’t work out for you virally.

3. From the saying that has been around for what seems forever…

Keep It Simple Stupid

Remember, you have to get a person’s interest fast. Confusion or destractions can't play a part in your messages the viewer is recieving!

Sure, be smart about it…but realize some people might not get it as easily as others.

Alright then, what ways do you think will help the reader to "take notice" and happily pass things on?

4. Well..this is no surprise and it shouldn't come as one. Obviously, “Sex Sells”.

Of course it’s most likely NOT sex you will be selling. But, if you’d like to get a flow going..and create a bit of intrigue and curiousity..sneaky suggestive sexual inuendos can do the trick. These types of things let people have fun with thier friends and some can't resist.

5. The funny bone is a great place to get at! Humour works very well with viral ideas you’d like to spread. Please, whatever you do, remember this. Think about how many commercials you’ve seen where you said to friends, “God, you have to see that commercial? It’s hilarious!”

6. Brand Or Name Leveraging- A very good way to use viral marketing is by leveraging well known figures, brands, people etc. Familiarity with popular things seem to require less effort to work with. Important and well known items, help to keep the communication channels open with your recipients.

Be sure to check out all of the legal litigations of doing something like this though, before moving ahead with it.

7. A natural approach to getting your messages to take off is much better. Just like any other type of marketing, people don't like to be sold, they can feel if you are trying to hard. People have pride and want to think they came up with the idea all on their own. If you have done your part on creating good viral aspects, this will take care of itself.

8. What’s in the new or headlines? What’s popular?

If you can utilize already popular events it can help you to get your own thing happening. People are aleady talking about it. Try and use this to your advantage!

9. Everybody loves a mystery! Creating mystery or keeping people hanging with a viral marketing concept can only help get that interest happening. Of course, just like with everything else, in the end…come clean, or somebody might get po'd!

10. Think about reality. Advertising, corporate style, gives people a bad taste in their mouth at times. It’s better to come off with down home and more earthy viral message. Your messages will work better if people feel more comfort by being able to identify with the message easier.