The idea of a Mini Site, at first glance might sound ridiculous

Mini Site Brief Video

Fast food, visit almost any eating place and you’ll see evidence of bigger is better this is an increasingly common belief. Do you believe upscale dining establishments stack food high on their customers’ plates, and that fast food restaurants fanatically encourage their customers to upsize their cold drinks and greasy fries.

Assorted websites have taken the “bigger is top-quality” believe to heart, too many times. Good example of superstores like Overstock discount and outsized stores like Wal-mart have websites consisting of thousands upon thousands of great web pages. Moreover they are doing tremendously well for themselves.

It may look like a waste of your time to try and get a piece of the pie, when there are so, so, many countless large sites online. The everyday person doesn’t have the time or money (hard cash) to set up such a large operation let alone try to run such a large website. Then again you don’t have to. Mini site creation, a mini site can prosper in a land of Internet Goliaths .

An additional reason mini sites work is because they do not exactly compete with the larger websites. A niche mini site simply seeks to do well in a small niche market by marketing a product or service to only a small portion of a select group or market sector, instead of trying to be all things to all individuals. In this instance, in a way, smaller will turn out to be better.

The most successful mini sites go after a small but underserved niche. They find a need that isn’t being filled, and they fill it by providing a good deal more specific information in order to allow the shopper to clearly understand exactly what it is or exactly what it will do for them. This puts them into a position to get better rankings in the search engines, “A search engine, such as Google! Or Yahoo is an online software tool that helps users of the internet find the information and sites they’re looking for. A search engine user enters a word or phrase into a search box, and the search tool displays results that are normally organized in order of relevance” and because the keywords that individuals use to find their offerings are not often targeted by webmasters of larger sites. With some good SEO, they can get targeted traffic at very little expense.

Once the visitors are at the mini site, the sales letter grabs their attention and, hopefully, convinces them to make a purchase. Those who are on the fence may sign up for a free newsletter or free web class. If you want to stay in contact, this provides the opportunity to maintain contact and persuade them to buy all the great products you will provide later.

A good quality mini site can hold its own, even with countless millions of other web pages online. You just need a good niche service or a product that occupies a special area of demand, a quality product and a strong written sales pitch that will convince you your visitors to buy something.


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