The Importance Of Protecting Your Affiliate Links

As an associate, your primary product will have to be your affiliate link.  After all, your affiliate link is your particular exclusive individuality beneath the watchful eyes of the affiliate course you have joined.

Allow me to elaborate more.

The instance you register to an affiliate program, you will be required to choose an affiliate merchandise to advertise.  Every affiliate merchandise  you will choose will provide for you an affiliate link that is solely your own.  Your affiliate ID will be set in on this affiliate link.

What is the importance of this affiliate link?

Basically, as an affiliate your job will be to sell the affiliate product through your affiliate link.  Each time anyone clicks on your affiliate link, two affairs will occur:

1.    He will be led to the product’s sales page; and
2.    The affiliate course will be notified that such a visitor was recruited by you.

If the said guest will opt to avail the product, the affiliate course will discern that he is your referral, and that you – and no other member- will be entitled to the commission.

Hence, your affiliate links are necessary for your affiliate marketing triumph.

However, since your affiliate ID is embedded on your affiliate link, your impending earnings will be vulnerable to the following perils:

–    Your payments may be stolen, as another crew can simply make  an assertion making use of your evident affiliate ID.
–    People may reject to hit your affiliate links for the reason that they’ll feel that you are only {leading} them to another website for your own special advantage.  They don’t like to deem “manipulated.”
–    The places where you can advertise your affiliate links are limited, as most online discussions and populations despise the distribution of affiliate links on their pages considering the misuse of such a practice lately.

The abovementioned hazards can easily put a halt to the profitability of your affiliate promotional operations.

It is very necessary to defend – and in some cases, hide- your affiliate links to avoid such perils.  You can perform this by making use of affiliate link concealers.

Mainly, affiliate link cloakers will create additional URLs that will guide to your affiliate links.  This method, you will be circulating links that will not disclose your affiliate ID, and won’t materialize as affiliate links at all.

The effects: better guard of the cuts you have gained, and a grander click through conversion rate for your ads.