Understanding Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller webhosting is a form of web hosting through which server space may be purchased and then marketed to sell to a third party, mainly to generate profit. Resellers tend to buy the web hosting services on a large scale to sell to potential clients. Since the resellers sell services of another party, it is vital to ensure that it is purchased from a credible supplier.

The greatest advantage of reseller webhosting is the fact that it is astoundingly affordable. You can easily find innumerable hosts, offering cheap reseller hosting plans. This gives those who are interested in reseller web hosting a wide variety to choose from. This is a great gain considering that, previously, one needed to buy an entire web space in order to setup an online business. High costs were an added disadvantage. However, reseller hosting relives all of these worries as it allows you to purchase a segment of web space from a hosting service provider.

As a reseller, you do not need widespread knowledge of the technical characteristics of reseller webhosting. This is because, the data center experts are in charge of maintaining network infrastructure and hardware, and the committed server owner configures, secures and updates the server. In case a client reaches you for troubleshooting, you merely need to forward him to the hosting service provider for getting his query resolved.

It should be noted that most web hosting resellers are web designing companies or web builders who provide this as an added service. Reseller hosting is a reasonably priced solution for businessmen who desire to set up a company. Majority of the reseller hosting plans allows resellers to develop custom-built plans. Majority of the time, the resellers develop their own plans via customized control panels and the name servers.

Resellers can set up and manage customer accounts with the help of web interface, usually by clicking on “Control Panel”. C- Panel is by far regarded as one of the most ideal control panels for web hosting. The reason behind this is the fact that it’s not just simple but user-friendly as well. cPanel is infact a graphical application which is employed to control software and various hosting account options. It has a lot of remarkable features which allow you to work your hosting account and website with comfort.  C-panel makes use of a 3 tier structure which allows managers, resellers and web proprietors to manage a variety of features of the website and server management by means of a web browser.

Furthermore, cPanel has a command line and API based functionality that enables web hosting service providers, intermediary sellers and creators to automate the regular system management process. cPanel is likely to perform as a dedicated server or VPS. A lot of organizations provide cPanel reseller hosting which is not just advantageous for the reseller but it is beneficial for the client as well. The reseller can administer unlimited domains and customer accounts whereas the customer can avail cPanel hosting at nominal rates.