Web Design Basics Not To Be Missed

Mention the internet to anyone and the first thing that generally pops into their heads is websites of course. Contrary to popular belief though building a website is not just about uploading it to your web host. It’s more important than many people realize to ensure the information you present on your site is appealing to both real visitors and search engine spiders alike, otherwise you may hot more than the odd snag here and there.

It goes without saying then that you’ll need to educate yourself about the basics of the ingredients of a successful business website design. Content is king will be a familiar phrase to many web marketers and it is also a phrase that any web developer needs to take on board.

Good Website Content

And the means basically just what it says. That you need great web content to be successful with any website. Fair enough, you might say, but what constitutes good content? If you really don’t know then here are a few indicators to point you in the right direction.

Firstly – The content needs to be captivating as well. Generally, readers will only stay on a site for a few seconds before they click away unless something catches their eye. Good web developers know that because readers generally skim over pages and articles without reading them thoroughly, it’s essential that the text get’s broken up with grammar tools like bullet points and subheaders.

Whilst content will remain as the prime ingredient for a successful website until the search engines go down a different path, other factors come into play as well.

Secondly – You need to ensure the your websites graphical image is complimentary to the target market you are trying to capture, this is why it pays to make sure your web graphics designer has a total understanding of your market place. It also helps to have an easily navigable menu that also contains key terms searchers may be looking for.

Plan Sidebars and Tabs Carefully

Thirdly – Re-visit your placement of the sites navigation elements (side bars and tabs etc). These are generally the way someone gets from one point to the other within site, so you’ll want to plan these carefully to keep a visitor on your site as long as possible. Remember that these need to be easily found by the potential client. No good can come of tabs that are overshadowed by banners or other images on your site.

Finally don’t make the mistake of forgetting that the best web design is the one that will appeal most to your audience and may be contrary to your own personal preferences. Garish and cluttered design that were once the rage are no longer a preference to most experienced web users who will simply prefer simplicity and clarity.

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