Web Hosting History

Web hosting was introduced to the internet during 1991.Web hosting was however not as fast or as advanced as you know it today.So great is the internet and web hosting services that you could call them the best innovations to date.

The revolution of electronic commerce is considered to be the revolution of web hosting.Hosting web pages on the internet is now easy as there are many web hosting companies catering to this increased demand.The internet and web pages were once only accessible by universities and computer experts.On realizing the potential of web hosting, there is an increased number of people getting involved in it.

The web hosting revolution has lead to easy access to website addresses and web pages for the common person.The formats for the websites were different at first and it was only after some time that they were made easy for people to use.The complexity in the working of these websites also lead to many companies reaping these opportunities.

The common person initially found it difficult and expensive to consider web hosting.Web hosting became cheaper and less complicated with time.In fact, today web hosting services are also available for free.

In the beginning, there were only a few large computer companies that rented out their server space.Today web hosting is an industry with millions of people offering web hosting services to everyone requiring it.

Earlier, it was only large businesses and organizations who hosted web pages.Things have changed as even individuals can now host web pages.Besides this, there have been lots of changes to the concept of web hosting over the years There are today many web hosting services that offer services to meet all your web hosting requirements, no matter how complex it may be.This all shows that the web hosting industry has come a long way since its inception in 1991.

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