What I Like About WordPress

A number of Internet Marketing types have done their best to convince me that WordPress websites are a better choice than traditional websites. Okay, so I went ahead and set up a few new sites using WordPress. What’s to like?

Well, the say it’s easier to maintain and promote. I am not 100% convinced of this, but they have me paying them for more than just PLR Content. I want their expertise as well, so I’ll go with them on this one.

Okay, so what does Richard like about WordPress?

What I really like is the timed-release ability. I am writing and posting this message on March 5, 2008, however, it will not actually show up until March 7. Similarly, I now have 5 other articles on this site timed for release over the next few days. I can produce dozens of articles on a day when my creative side is at 110%, upload them to my website, and WordPress will make sure they become “visible” to all you surfers one by one on separate dates in the future.

OK, there must be some negatives. Yep. I do not like the hassle it is to modify the look and feel. But then I am a website builder who creates web pages by hand, and has a very simple yet effective style of web design. For the non-techie type, WordPress is awesome in that you do not need to know a thing. Just make sure your web hosting company has cPanel with Fantastico and you just click your way to a nice looking blog.

What if, like me, you want to design your own traditional site? What if you have not been convinced that WordPress is the end all and be all? I have designed a timed-release system for that route. It requires php, but it is easy to implement. More on it in another post.