You Too Can Make Money Online: Read My Story

The current recession has made it evident that even a “secure” job isn’t that secure at all. As for myself, I have never even had a really secure job, ever. And this in spite of having a Ph.D.

The reason is that in Academia you seldom get a secure position until you become a Professor; otherwise most jobs are temporary. And I never got that high up in the hierarchy. Once I had a fellowship that enabled me to spend two years working at one of the most prestigious ivy-league universities in the United States — but that was as far as I got.

Even back then I was actually fed up with Academia, and secretly dreamed of being in my own business. I thought about maybe getting a degree in Business Administration but that didn’t inspire me at all.

The thing is: suppose you have spent a heck of a long time getting an advanced degree — then the idea of going back to school again is not appealing. The thing is during one period I even had a nightmare: I was back in High School again — and that awful dream kept coming back! A most unpleasant experience indeed. It felt more like something from the “Groundhog Day” movie, where one day endlessly keeps repeating itself.

Well — finally I found myself out of the academic world and holding a job in a Biotech startup venture. For once I liked my bosses — now things began to look quite promising. However, in only about a year things crashed. The company went bankrupt, and I no longer had a job.

My ex-bosses were nice people but they didn’t know how to run a company. They had spent money recklessly on fancy offices and such, oblivious to any warnings.

And now what? Well, I was frantically trying to find some business opportunity, something to get me going fast. No room for anything else, for a number of reasons. Now I wanted a work from home business. I was totally fed up with spending my days in some office, having to deal with office politics and so on.

Luckily, I had an Internet connection and I had been playing around with HTML coding. Plus I was well aware of the possibilities of selling things on the Web.

I happened to stumble on some ebook on the subject of making a good living as affiliate; ie. by marketing other people’s stuff. This particular ebook, by Rosalyn Gardner, is nowadays rather outdated, since the Internet changes so fast. A couple of years back, I’d say it was a useful course.

Using that information I was soon able to make some decent money as affiliate for web hosting companies. At long last I could now work from home online — and set my own schedule. That is what I call freedom! Now I have several web sites, visit for instance my blog,

In conclusion — if you are looking for an opportunity to go into your own online business, then get some good current information on how to do affiliate promotion. There are thousands of products and services to choose between.