Your first blog

If you have been thinking about starting your own blog, you might be wondering where to begin. I recommend you first familiarize yourself with all the vocabulary and introductory issues surrounding the world of blogging.

Your first step would be to come up with a theme for your Blog. Will this be a personal blog, where you share the ups and downs of your day to day life? Will it be an informational blog, where you provide insight and commentary on a specific topic? Or perhaps you want to start up a business blog, with the purpose of bringing attention or promotion to your product or store. Then even within those major themes, you will probably get even more specific with your focus.

Once you have your theme in mind, you have to have a location to start writing. This means choosing your blogging software. There are many factors that should come into play when making this decision. Each software, although essentially the same, has subtle differences that might need to factor in, depending on your needs. If you are not technically savvy, for instance, you will want to go with a platform that does most of the “behind the scenes” work for you. Your budget will also be something to keep in mind as you decide between free or subscription-based plans. This will also be the point that you will need to decide if you will use a host for your blog, or set up your own domain.

Now comes the fun part. It is time to sit down and set up your blog! This will involve signing up with your chosen software, or host, and getting an account. You will be picking out your graphics theme, setting up sidebars, and choosing from various display options. There are many ways to customize your blog, and for some formats, you are limited only by your technical know-how and your creativity.

Finally, its time to start writing your blog. Hopefully, if you have been thinking about starting a blog, you already have some subject material in mind. So it is likely that your first posts will be easy to crank out. Continuing to write strong, readable content takes a little more effort and persistence, but will be crucial to your blog’s success. Having a clear goal and theme in mind before you begin will be the key to writing quality posts.